"...In the green of nature, tastes, smells,
And Piceno's country traditions..."

If you want to spend a very relaxing holiday and appreciate the products and the typical cooking of Piceno area, you should go definitely to "Le Sorgenti", a country-house of the last XVIII century, wisely and faithfully rebuilt. It is placed about 3 Kilometres from Ascoli Piceno, along the provincial road to Valle Castellana, close both to the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga and to the National Park of Monti Sibillini, along the agreeable west side of San Marco Hill, into the depth of the green of a luxuriant olive grove.
Here you can also find pleasant places for short or long excursions, mountain-biking, walking in the quite of woods, hermitages and ancient travertine quarry or along the Castellano river to discover the plentiful and ancient Salamacina's spring water without missing the very ancient village of Valle Castellana with its necropolis (about 600 b.C.) and the unpolluted natural beauties of Valle Castellana.
This environment offers every possibility to do sport in your spare time.
Camping and fishing are possible by the river or in the near by lakes, playing football, have a pic-nic, archery, and attending the adjoining "Green Room" (Environmental Education Department) and ceramics workshops.